The following defines the policy on product warranty which aims to clearly determine the scope and coverage of such warranty. ERGO CONTRACTS PHILIPPINES, INC. / SUMMIT FURNISHINGS, INC. (each called “ERGO”) holds the following Warranty Policy, with limitations, for the products it supplies or sells to its clientele:

a. 1-2 years Warranty for standard ERGO-manufactured product.

b. Warranty period of indent product as per the manufacturers’ warranty policy.

If an ERGO-manufactured product purchased from ERGO or from an authorized ERGO dealer proves to be defective (as defined below) while the product is still in the possession of the ORIGINAL purchaser and if they, within the Applicable Warranty Period, sends notice of the defect to ERGO by electronic mail (info@ergocontracts.com), including a copy of Official Receipt or invoice, then, except as provided below, ERGO will, at ERGO’s option, either repair or replace the product, at ERGO’s expense, or refund the purchase price of the product. Ergo reserves the right to refuse Warranty if required documentation cannot be provided or information is incomplete. Availments of the Warranty, wherein parts guaranteed are replaced does not extend the period of the Warranty for the replaced parts. (taken from Mares)

Except as provided below, a product shall be considered “defective” if (a) ERGO finds that it is defective in material or workmanship, (b) the product fails to meet any warranted performance that was the primary consideration in the purchase, and (c) the defect MATERIALLY (non cosmetic) impairs the value of the product to the purchaser. Each Applicable Warranty Period applies to different products as described in Annex A. The warranty period commence upon delivery or when its installation is complete.

A product will not be considered to be defective, and ERGO will not repair, or replace it or refund its price if the product falls under the categories below:

(1) The defective component is “Customer’s Supplied Material” (i.e. material specified by the designer or end user) whether it was directly purchase by designer/end-user and given to ERGO to use OR ERGO was commissioned to purchase and use the material as part of the purchased item (i.e. electrical components), or

(2) The product was not INSTALLED, USED, and MAINTAINED in accordance with ERGO’s written Application Guideline, Installation Guide, and Maintenance Guides, or

(3) The product has been otherwise misused or suffered abusive damage (i.e. vandalism whether intentional or unintentional); or

(4) The product has been used beyond the normal operating cycle or intended use for which the product has been designed and manufactured. In case of chairs, normal operating cycle as defined in accordance to BIFMA standards for regular use (5 days – 8 hours per day). Warranty can only be extended to heavy use if purposely designed & built for such application as requested by the client and reflected in the Purchase order.

A defect in material or workmanship does not include damage to a product, or failure of a product to operate or perform properly or to maintain appearance, caused by (a) normal wear and tear; (b) damage sustained due to acts of nature or exposure to elements / environment for which it was not designed; (c) a product alteration carried out by non ERGO authorized personnel; (d) damage sustained by the product due to movement or transportation outside the original place of delivery.

If an ERGO product or system require a Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP), the Warranty Policy shall only be limited to such period a PMP contract is in effect.

LIFETIME FREE SERVICE GUARANTEE covers labor cost only to restore the product to an operable condition PROVIDED that it is delivered to an ERGO authorized repair center. Cost of parts, transportation cost, and any other expenses to be for the account of the purchaser. If the item does not fall within the warranty defined above (i.e. not the original purchaser), this lifetime free service guarantee does not apply.

EXCEPT AS STATED ABOVE, ERGO DOES NOT MAKE A WARRANTY AS TO ANY PRODUCT AND, IN PARTICULAR, DOES NOT MAKE A WARRANTY FOR CUSTOMER SPECIFIED PRODUCTS OR MATERIALS THAT WILL BE ATTACHED OR FORM PART OF THE PURCHASE ORDER. Product repair or replacement or refund of the price, at ERGO’s option, in accordance with this Policy, is the purchaser’s exclusive remedy for a product defect. ERGO shall not have tort liability with respect to a product, and ERGO shall not be liable for any consequential, economic, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damage arising from a product defect.

The full terms of our Warranty are specified in our website www.ergocontracts.com. (patterned after Mares warranty)