ERGO ERP powered by INFOR LN

Complexity is an inescapable part of today's global supply chains. Multiple operations, collaborative partner networks, rapid innovation, and a competitive market create the conditions that increase manufacturing complexity even in the furniture industry. As a result we partnered with Clerysys-INFOR to implement ERP. Since 2011, we will have the automated tools to improve operational excellence in ERGO manufacturing plants and across our supply chain

Infor ERP LN is the most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Infor ERP LN is the only full-featured manufacturing solution that completely and simultaneously supports all of the technologies that are indispensable for manufacturing success today, with features that include:

  • Planning,Manufacturing,Finance,
  • Warehousing, Freight Management, Procurement, Sales, Enterprise Service Management, Project, Quality Management,
  • Product Lifecycle Management


What it means to ERGO’s clients?

Infor ERP LN helps our company improve operational excellence and respond to change because:

  • Have company-wide visibility of finance, operations, inventory, and capacity.
  • Make more efficient use of your material and production resources, turning capacity into capability to deliver.
  • Reduce our design-to-deliver cycle time and bring new products to market more profitably.
  • Identify and react more quickly to changes in our supply chain (demand or supply) and take advantage of opportunities to grow revenue.
  • Offer better visibility to our suppliers, who will in turn improve our delivery performance.