Philip KC Ng

Philip Ng, better known to his friends and colleagues as PN can be termed as a Natural-Born Entrepreneur. Since his childhood days, PN always had a natural instinct to seek business opportunities and augment his allowances from grade school all the way to business school. 

PN was born in Kuala Lumpur and almost spent his entire childhood in his hometown. He then transferred to Singapore and finished his secondary education. He received his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Management Engineering at De La Salle University and completed his Masters of Business Administration at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He still hopes to finish his Doctorate and is keen in pursuing it upon his semi retirement from Ergo Group of Companies. 

PN’s venture in the furniture business was accidental. His brother Robert had started a joint venture to manufacture furniture in Singapore in the early 80’s, and in one of his visits there he found a rejected chair (poor upholstery work), and asked for it to be sent to Manila where he was managing Autohaus Europa, the original Porsche dealership in the Philippines. To his surprise his friends and customers wanted a similar chair as they found it comfortable with ergonomic support, quiet and smooth in it is movements.

PN's honed entrepreneurial sense saw the need of quality office chairs in the Philippines. An initial 100 chairs were ordered with the simple marketing concept of selling them to the CEOs of the top 500 corporations, and from this the Ergo brand was born. 

PN saw the feasibility of manufacturing some of the chair components locally to lower cost and to offer his customers high quality chairs at a lower price. This policy has not changed, until today Ergo continues to innovate and do R&D to lower the cost of his products and give better value to Ergo customers.

PN always believed in the Philippines and the Filipino talent. Even in the darkest chapter of our country’s history, PN kept investing in the Philippines and in the skills of its people to produce world-class products and services.

When asked on what made him successful, his answer is the genuine care he has for His Customers, providing products that makes life better for his customers; His People, by giving them an opportunity to be the best they can be and His Products, the best value product in the market. With these he creates the environment where all parties are winners. 


Philip KC Ng 
President /CEO

Samuel P. Caguicla