• Responsible for timely and accurate analysis of all CMG documents to ensure that Sales Invoices (SI), Debit and Credit notes (DN/CN) and Statements of Accounts (SOA) are sent out promptly and accurately relative to collection of due and overdue account
  • Ensure that all accounts discrepancies are investigated properly and abnormalities were highlighted to supervisor and respective departments for proper action and solutions
  • Analyze Accounts status of customer before processing the Sales Order.
  • Responsible for confirmation of Down payments and analyzing the credit history of the account
  • Responsible in maintaining the security of Daily Sales
  • Discussed with the CMG Officer and/ or VP Finance the result of account analysis and seek approval before making necessary adjustments in the report
  • Monitor and analyze the SO Status and discussed it with the person responsible and make sure that analysis are well documented and properly approved before making a recommendation for accunt adjustment
  • Proper analysis and judgment are strictly practiced to avoid double issuance of Sales Order as well as Sales Invoice
  • Monitors movements of Sales Order and analyzes the effect of Project Deviaition Form(PDF) and ensure that SO status are updated and synchronize with the status given by the production, IMG and ECRAC to avoid miscommunication in each department
  • Record information about financial status of customers and status of collection efforts
  • Review and validated entries on Sales Invoices before posting to Peachtree Accounting System to come up with a monthly Sales Register Book
  • Attend Periodic Accounts Reconciliation with different deparment to certify internal problems and other concerns with regards to collection of overdue accounts
  • Help the CMG Officer to locate and notify customers of deliquent accounts
  • Maintains all files documents using standard filing system set by the management
  • Perform any other duties assigned from time to time by the CMG Officer and/ or VP for Finance




  • Bachelor Degree in Accountancy.
  • With at least 2 years of experience in the same field.
  • With pleasing personality and good leadership qualities.
  • Analytical with good interpersonal skills.
  • Computer Literate and knowledgeable in preparing different management financial reports.





Account Executive
Sales Coordinator
HR Officer
Project Manager
Production Planner
Production Engineer
Accounting Officer
Collection Analyst
Technical Support Specialist