A Celebration of 25 Years of Fine Craftsmanship

25 years ago, Ergo Chairs were formally introduced as the best office chair in the Philippines. From a modest operation that imported finished chairs from Singapore, it evolved into a manufacturing firm that used all imported knocked down materials with only the upholstery and assembly done here. With the unprecedented demand and market acceptance, a full blown factory was set up and the rest is history. Expansion into desking and office systems followed a natural growth option.


Today, Ergo is synonymous with well-crafted chairs as well as office systems and furniture. Those in the know, even our competitors, thank Ergo for creating the market for these.


It is this success story that we are celebrating this October, 2011. Kick off activity will be an Invitational Golf Tournament at the prestigious Alabang Country Club with not only trophies but abundant raffle prizes at stake.


However, the main event will be the cocktails and dinner for Ergo’s prime clients and business partners. Preparation for this milestone has been ongoing for the past four months to ensure that the event will be fitting for the occasion- a celebration of 25 years of success.